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Oil & Gas Integrated Inspection & Engineering Solutions

As part of the Applus group we have extensive experience at all levels of the oil & gas supply chain (upstream, midstream & downstream).  Typical projects that we would work on include:

  • Refit & repair schemes for critical equipment used in oil extraction & refinement
  • Fitness for service calculations & advanced fracture mechanics to determine Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of in-service components
  • Welding simulations to optimize repair of boilers, pressure vessels & storage tanks - specialty services to minimize distortion when performing overlays to restore losses due to corrosion
  • Welding procedures for distribution (pipeline) to CSA Z662 
  • Pipeline Fitness For Service Calculations & ECA's
  • Geotechnical mointoring of pipe & other assests for signs of instability
  • Shutdown support & engineering services
  • Simulation of critical components (digital twin) to develop a predictive maintenance schedule

We can work directly with our inspection teams to provide integrated inspection & engineering services for shutdowns & integrity projects.