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Engineering Recognized Industry Leaders

SKC's main focus and drive is in the field of Welding Engineering and we recognized by industry as leaders in this discipline.  We have considerable expertise in the design of welded joints for both mechanical and structural applications in Steel, Aluminum and other Non-ferrous alloys.  Typical projects we work on include: Penstocks, Tunnels, Bridges, Pedestrian walkways, Marine structures, Marine vessels, Pressure vessels, Pressure piping, API storage tanks, Process equipment, Free standing structures and Towers.  

We offer welding consultation based on over 50 combined years of practical welding experience.  We have the knowledge and understanding to quickly get to the root of your welding problems.  We supply practical solutions based on real world experience to ensure your welding operations are running at maximum efficiency.  We specialize in the development of detailed technical work instructions to supplement welding procedures for critical joints.

In addition to weld engineering SKC also provides a number of related engineering services:

Mechanical Drafting & Design: Our detailing and designs are performed by highly trained members of the SKC Engineering team; utilizing state of the art computer equipment and 2D/ 3D Software. We have over ten years of experience in drafting and Solid Modeling using AutoCAD and Inventor, and are current with various codes and standards applicable to your needs.  Our expertise includes: heavy steel fabrication, lifting gear, mining equipment, platforms, cages, pressure vessels and tools and fixtures.

Refit and Repair Schemes:  We provide concepts, work instructions and as-built drawings for the refit and repair of welded structures and mechanical components.  We have considerable experience with marine structures and vessels, cranes and lifting devices, trains and railways, welded platforms and structures.  We can provide certification of repaired components as have being returned to their OEM condition, or better.

Failure Analysis: We are expert in failure analysis and determining root cause of malfunction of welded joints.  This work is supported by the materials testing facility and non-destructive testing capabilities of our sister company SKC Inspection & NDT. 

Fitness for Service: We are skilled in the application of fracture mechanics for fitness for service calculations to BS7910 or API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.  If refit or repair work is required we can provide schemes supported by our state of the art welding simulation capabilities.