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Quality Assurance a smarter approach

SKC Engineering provides quality assurance programs to clients in the manufacturing, fabrication and construction sectors — independent, third party review of projects, complete with the documentation process to offer evidence of inspections, code standards and project specifications.  We employ inspectors certified to both Canadian (CSA W178.2) and American (AWS CWI QC1) standards for visual weld inspection.  We can also offer non-destructive testing services through our sister company SKC Inspection & NDT.

SKC supplies in-house quality assurance programs to meet the specific needs of a project, or SKC can provide a broader based, blanket program to govern an organization’s activities in general.  Projects that have used our expertise in this area include:

  • Penstock construction
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Pressure vessel and pressure piping manufacturing
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Potable and waste water pumping
  • Bridge fabrication and erection

In the case of overseas manufacturing, SKC can carry out factory audits to ensure that imported products meet expected standards.

Let us analyze your organization’s quality assurance needs and propose a suitable program for you.